BetAmerica Racebook Review

BetAmerica - 100% Legally Licensed In The US While betting on sports like football and basketball certainly get all the headlines, there are actually many more Americans who pay attention to horse racing and subsequently focus their betting efforts on the ponies. Even in states where gambling is strictly prohibited, you can probably still find horse tracks. And at these tracks, betting is perfectly legal. It's this attitude toward horse racing that served as one of the reasons for two average gamblers to start their own site in 2007. BetAmerica, online for around eight years now, has quickly climbed the charts to become one of the best American horse-betting sites on the market. This gambling site is surprisingly an American site, based out of San Fran in California and is 100% legal for US players. After officially launching in 2008, BetAmerica started to grow rapidly due to their innovative way of introducing gamblers to high-quality horse betting.

One of the things BetAmerica brings in abundance is enthusiasm for the sport. All of their promotions and bonuses and site content is geared toward the sports, which goes a long way to showing that the founders of BetAmerica actually love horse racing and aren't only in it for the money. Along with tight security, solid software and a great track record, BetAmerica is a premier site for horse betting. Learn More At BetAmerica's Website

Horse Betting Options Provided By BetAmerica

When it comes to horse betting options offered by BetAmerica, the list goes on and on. For starters, BetAmerica covers over 200 tracks, and they actually give you a live video feed (where available) so you're actually watching the horses run rather than relying on updated text alerts. Any type of bet you can make at the track, you can make with BetAmerica from pools and shows to playing an entire track card for the day's events. You can also bet on the Triple Crown races and other big events, as well as small-time events ran on local tracks. As long as it concerns horse betting, BetAmerica has an option somewhere for you. You can even bet with other members along with the site.

Banking Options

Being an American site that's opened to Americans and actually even licensed and regulated within America, there aren't quite as many deposit/withdrawal methods at your disposal. Even still, you can deposit your cash into the site with a half a dozen different methods. You can choose from an electronic bank transfer, MasterCard/Visa, Neteller, PayNearMe, wire transfers, or mailed checks. To withdrawal your money, you can use the instant method of Neteller or a bank transfer, or you can get next-day processing via a wire transfer or mailed check.

Being an American site, make sure that you're extra careful in reading the rules and regulations. The last thing you want is to deposit money and run into a loophole with some random federal law. Make sure that the method you're using is legal for you to use.

Bonuses And Promotions

The biggest bonus that BetAmerica is offering is basically the same type of bonus offered by most casinos and racebooks. Since sites actually want you to deposit and bet your money, they give you a nudge with some free funds. BetAmerica is the same in this regard, offering a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $300. So, in other words, if you put $300 in, you'll get $300 free for a total of $600. Once you earn this bonus, it will be held with the status of pending, giving you 10% of the bonus for each bet you place. The reason they do this is so that you don't just deposit $300 and withdrawal the free $300 instantly.

Ongoing Perks And Loyalty Rewards Offered

To really get a completely accurate picture of the bonuses offered beyond the welcome bonus, make sure you visit the site. The reason is that their bonuses change around every month or so, and anything we tell you here may change by the time you visit. For example, one of their current promotions is a 9% cash back reward on all bets concerning fantasy sports. They're also offering a 10% winning boost to all trifecta tickets that win, and also some free exacta wagers for different horse races.

Additional Wagering Options Available

BetAmerica may be geared toward horse racing, but they actually offer a lot more. For instance, you can play fantasy sports with the site. They have their own fantasy sports section that allows you to draft players, join a league, make wagers, and compete to win in a range of fantasy sports. One of the best non-horse-racing betting options, however, is their greyhound section. Every week BetAmerica has over 1,000 live greyhound races broadcast via streaming video, and you can bet on the greyhounds the same way you bet on the horses.

BetAmerica Customer Support and Contact Info

One aspect about BetAmerica that shouldn't remain underrated is the site's support structure. Since they offer horse racing, fantasy sports and greyhounds, they end up covering a whole lot of bets from a whole lot of members. To handle the traffic and any questions or complaints, the site has a live chat feature that allows you to immediately speak to a customer service agent. They can also be reached via their email for easy access, they have a thorough FAQ section if you're more a do-it-yourself type, and their tool-free number is also always available: 1-866-607-7929.